Personal Protective Equipment

  • Airline Breathing Apparatus

    Suitable for long duration maintenance operations in toxic or oxygen-deficient industrial environments. Available in two configurations: the Bioline, supplied air breathing apparatus, and the Bioline Automatic Safety (BAS), which includes additionally a 10 or 15 minutes duration cylinder for escape.

    Key Features
    • Ultra-light weight.
    • Easy and fast donning
    • Multiple external air supply sources are possible
    • Air supply hose fixed on the belt: the mask cannot be accidentally torn off in case of a strong traction
    • Automatic switching device on the air cylinder of the breathing apparatus and integrated alarm whistle (Bioline Automatic Secours)
    • 10 or 15 minutes duration cylinder in case of escape (Bioline Automatic Secours)
  • Air Supply Trolley

    Key Features
    • The air supply trolley is a mobile source of compressed breathable air for supplying airline type of breathing apparatus. It takes part in excellent conditions of comfort and safety for all long-duration tasks.
    • It is used in toxic or low-oxygen (less than 17%) atmospheres and especially in tanks, furnaces, pits, containers, tunnels, etc...
    • The air supply trolley is a mobile source on which one or two users can connect themselves at the same time.
    • Air supply trolley can be equipped either with 2 or 4 cylinders from 6 liters 200 bar up to 9 liters 300 bar, with DIN/EN or NF valve. The cylinders are used one after the other by means of an inverter in the manifold. They can be replaced during use, ensuring optimum real operating time.
    • The air supply trolley is equipped with 2 drums each containing 25 meters of Medium Pressure hose. These 2 hoses can be connected to obtain a 50-metre hose to supply a single user.
  • Filtering units / DE4 SAR system

    Key Features
    • Lightweight and easy to use filtering unit for supplied air respirators. Very resistant structure: durability of the product. High filtering efficiency for optimal protection.
    • DE4 air filtering station system
    • DE4 Air Purifying Station for 1 to 4 persons Air trolley supply air system for up 2 persons use Possible use on all industrial networks
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