Personal Protective Equipment

  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

    Self Contained Breathing Apparatus developed for short-duration operations. Can be connected to an external air source for longer interventions. Light, comfortable and designed for quick donning, it provides the end-user with an excellent comfort and breathing safety. Can also be used for escape.

    Key Features
    • Light : it maximizes the service/size ratio
    • Compact : it allows a great freedom of movement
    • Quick donning of the apparatus : carried with a shoulder strap
    • Can be used with 2L/200 bar and 3L/300 bar cylinders (steel/composite)
    • Contained in a flame and chemical-splash resistant carrying bag
  • Gaseous Escape Devices

    Light, compact and easy to use, our Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBD) are perfectly adapted to confined spaces, marine, industrial and Oil & Gas applications. They are available with duration from 10 to 20 minutes.

    Key Features
    • Light and compact
    • 10 to 20 min autonomy depending on the model
    • Alarm whistle positioned next to the ear
    • Steel and composite cylinders available
  • Single and bi-filter full-face masks

    The Biomask is a filtering full face mask with a wide field of vision and without visual distortion. Thanks to its design, the wearer enjoys visual and breathing comfort. The mask provides a perfect tight fit for all shapes and high thermal and chemical resistance. Fitted with canister to filter gas and dust, it is used in atmospheres with a toxic concentration below 0.5% and with an oxygen level higher than 17%.

  • Single and bi-filter full-face masks filters

    Wide range of filters for particulates, gas/vapor and combined protection. Lightweight filters and ergonomic shape for optimal comfort for long duration works. Resistant plastic case for long durability. Specific threading for enhanced safety.

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