Personal Protective Equipment

  • Fire Fighting Clothing by BRISTOL

    Outer layer

    Nomex III: The best-known FR fiber in the world. Nomex III contains 95% Nomex and 5% Kevlar for strength, and for firefighting coats and trousers it is usually supplied in twill weave at 265 g/m2. Nomex also has good resistance to acids and alkalis.

    Nomex Delta T: Widely used over many years by fire brigades throughout the UK and Europe, Nomex Delta T has proven its durability for the rigours of firefighting. It comprises 75% Nomex, 23% Kevlar for strength and 2% P140 carbon fiber (which gives the fabric its anti-static properties) and is mainly available in 195 g/m2 twill weave in a variety of colours. Alternatively, Nomex Delta T can be supplied in a slightly heavier 220 g/m2 rip stop twill weave. Both give excellent tensile and abrasion resistance.

    Nomex Outershell with Ti Technology: This is a patented, dual layer, advanced woven fabric system, used primarily as an outer-shell fabric. Because the system carries the unique property of ‘Active Air Entrapment’ coupled with added strength, it offers the highest levels of thermal protection and garment integrity. Independent testing proved that the Ti Technology™ fabric system created up to 25% more thermal protection than conventional aramid fabrics of the same weight. This is due to the fact that Ti Technology™ harnesses the benefits of air, one of the world’s lightest and most effective heat insulators and uses it in an effective way. Ti Technology™ manages the fibers in such a way as to ensure the fabric has excellent colour fastness, abrasion resistance and is able to withstand multiple launderings. These properties ensure excellent wear-life and best value

    Pbi Gold: Used by many American firefighters and now making its mark in Europe, this fabric comprises 40% Pbi and 60% Kevlar, and is available in 200 g/m2 rip stop plain weave. The Pbi fibers are produced by Celanese and are intimately woven with the DuPont Kevlar to give great strength to the fabric, coupled with retained suppleness after flame exposure. It is also excellent for comfort and normally supplied in gold only.

    Moisture barrier

    GORE-TEX: the primary choice for firefighting clothing produced by Bristol Uniforms Ltd – is a micro porous breathable fabric which performs a dual role: stopping water passing through to the firefighter’s personal clothing while allowing perspiration and heat to escape to the outside atmosphere. This reduces any heat stress the firefighter might suffer. GORE-TEX is also extremely durable, ensuring that the properties of the fabric last the lifetime of the garment.

    Other GORE-TEX products available from Bristol Uniforms Ltd are as follows:

    Fireblocker: A PTFE laminated to a spun lace substrate, combining all the qualities of Gore-Tex with excellent value.

    Crosstech: A PTFE laminated to pyjama check, Crosstech also provides protection against blood-borne pathogens.

    Airlock: A new and unique combination of thermal protection and moisture barrier which eliminates the need for extra-thick insulation. The innovative construction uses thermally stable and chemically resistant foamed silicone spacers to create an insulating air cushion, giving a very high level of thermal protection without a bulky and restrictive insulation layer. In addition to the unique and proven advantages of the GORE-TEX moisture barrier, GORE-TEX Airlock fabric offers several other major benefits:

    • Reduced risk of injury from scalding, thanks to minimal moisture absorption and high moisture vapour transfer
    • Reduced heat stress, achieved by the tremendous increase in breathability
    • Reduced insulation weight (by 50%) while simultaneously giving more thermal protection
    • Greater freedom of movement
    • Quicker re-drying because of lower sweat absorption in the insulative layer
    Thermal barrier

    The lightweight thermal barrier used by Bristol Uniforms Ltd is 100% Nomex nonwoven felt and is quilted to either:

    1. Nomex Delta C
    2. Nomex Viscose
    3. FR cotton
  • Marine Aluminized

    Outer layer

    A two-piece suit, manufactured from lightweight aluminised fire-resistant material, designed for use as a Close Proximity Fire Fighting Suit, where protection from intense heat and severe flame lick is required. In use worldwide with oil companies, shipping companies, civil and military aviation authorities.

    The two-piece suit contains the following features:

    • Velcro fastenings
    • Fleece lined high collar
    • Integral Breathing Apparatus Pouch available as optional extra (Ref No. U10 A1)
    • Unlined
    • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large
    • Manufactured to EN531 and Mariners Wheel approved.
    • Aluminized material is suitable for protective garments to resist chemical splash and for light foundry applications.
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