Personal Protective Equipment

  • High Pressure Lifting Bags

    High Pressure Heavy Lifting Bags for lifting the heaviest loads; up to 74 US tons.

  • High Pressure Lifting Bag Kits

    High Pressure Lift Bag Kits for small & medium sized wreckers from 15 tons up to 670 tons for urban search & rescue.

  • High Pressure Flat-Form Bags

    High Pressure Heavy Lifting Bags for lifting the heaviest loads; up to 74 US tons.

  • High-Pressure Mini Lift Bag Kit

    Self-contained air source; use for quick, easy lifting manipulation of heavy objects. Use to pop open jammed doors, spread parallel rod-iron handrail bars, etc.

  • Low & Medium Pressure Recovery Bags

    For large vehicles, trucks, trailers, aircraft recovery, emergency rescue, commercial or industrial use.

  • VLB - Vehicle Lift Bag

    • VLB Vehicle Lift Bag (Cars and Light Trucks)
    • Fast, safe, easy, emergency tire changes on the road...
    • Lift on mud, snow, sand, gravel. Weighs only 13 lbs.
    • Lift up to 2,500 lbs. from your truck air compressor.
  • Control Sets for High Pressure Lifting Bags

    Control Sets include everything you need to work with high pressure bags - Regulator, Controller, Hoses, & Wye Adapters.

  • Hydro-Testing for High Pressure Lift Bags

    Lifting bag systems can be tested on a recurring schedule and whenever the safety of a component is in question.

  • Pipe Plug Kit & Lance-Wedge Kit

    Pipe Plug Kit contains leaks & assists with pump downs on damaged tankers; wedges/cones for sealing of cracks on road and railway vehicles.

  • Aircraft Lifting, Rescue and Recovery Bags

    Aircraft incidents and accidents require immediate response to maximize passenger safety and minimize runway closure time.

  • Ice & Water Rescue Products

    Sava Rescue Watercraft, Inflatable Walkways and All Purpose Stretchers designed for ice, mud & water rescue operations.

  • Leak Sealing Bags for Pipes & Tanks

    Pipe & leak sealing bags for fast, portable, temporary sealing of leaks in pipes and cylindrical containers.

  • Oil Booms, Storage Tanks, D-Con Units

    Booms to control & contain and clean-up floating liquids such as oil spills, tanks & d-con (decontamination) units ideal for interception of hazardous liquids or water storage.

  • Command and Rapid Response Shelters

    Rapid response shelters, decontamination showers for police, fire, military, field hospital operations.

  • Protective Pads, Chocks, Box Cribbing

    Bag pads protect lifting bags from premature wear, dirt and debris damage. Wheel chocks, step chocks and box cribbing for vehicle stabilization are a safety requirement.

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