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  • SIL2 & SIL3, CPD EN-54 Certified UL Liste ST7-HV

    The ST7-HV panel is intended for the protection of life, process plant and equipment. It is designed to meet the requirement for reliability and availability particularly for the companies that operate process plants, refineries, energy generation facilities, onshore/offshore oil and gas platforms, chemical plants, marine and commercial industries where it shows excellent system resilience and resistance to electromagnetic disturbances. The ST7-HV panel functions as a safety PLC but fulfils all insurance requirements for dedicated safety systems and is certified by international laboratories to perform the required protection functions in compliance with the applicable standards and/or regulations. The panel is composed of a CPU and dedicated control cards which have their own “intelligence” and are programmed for monitoring, control and alerts for active/passive fire protection, gas detection, CCTV and intruder detection systems. External communication is achieved using standard protocols, such as Ethernet TCP/IP and Modbus. The systems are installed within dedicated19” data racks.


    The ST7-HV panel is commonly used in:

    • Automatic fire suppression and extinguishing control systems. Conforming to the Construction Products Directive (CPD)
    • Integrated systems, including fire, intruder/burglar alarm, CCTV along with input/output control function for other peripheral services.
    • Safety Security systems, where panels operate, as master or slave units, on communication networks (of a fibre optic and fault tolerant type, too) and are connected to DCS through the protocol;
    • Fire protection systems with special voting and redundancy logics, also in accordance with the recommendations of the NFPA 72 standard.
    • Gas detection and measurement systems, ATEX-certifiable, capable of interfacing any 4-20 mA output toxic or explosive gas detectors. All of these functions can coexist, or be configured to meet specific customer requirements.
    • Hot backup redundant CPU’s, Hot swap of all cards, including CPU’s, with automatic reconfiguration
    • Redundant and looped communication bus between cards and CPU’s, Periodical automatic testing of card inputs and outputs
    • Monitoring and Self-diagnostics of the main CPU and control cards allowing safe isolation of any malfunctioning controllers.
    • CEI EN 50130-4 immunity requirements (EMC) widely exceeded. Display independent from base rack
  • Fire & Gas Control and Monitoring Systems

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  • CM-10

    The CM-10 is a programmable unit used in controlling the site allowing for continuous monitoring in work areas protecting the personnel from dangerous concentration of gas and toxic vapours, simultaneously monitoring up to five different polluting substances.

    The unit is extremely compact and in the case of an unforeseeable gas emission of a high concentration (% v/v) alerts the personnel as well as over a longer period of time records efficiently even small gas emissions.
    Thus calculating the limits of exposure to TVL, TWA, STEL, CEILLING calculated in PPM or mg/m3.

    It is well known that these thresholders represent the maximum levels that can be tolerated by people without provoking any health risks.

    The units can be connected to each other or in a loop to a remote PC.

    A easy to use object oriented software, is available to create central management and a monitoring unit.

  • CM-20

    Are control units with sigle (CM-10) or dual (CM-20) input channel designed to operate with 4-20mA transmitters.

    • LCD Digital Display 8 characters x 2 lines
    • Push-button programming function
    • Two settable alarm setpoints
    • Relay outputs for Fault and Alarms
    • Proportional 4-20 mA Output
    • Front panel LEDS for Alarm indications
    • Audible alarm indicator (buzzer)
    • Serial RS485 Modbus Protocol (CM-20)
  • CM-80

    CM-80 control units are a series of data acquisition and control modules, for analog and digital signals ideal for small and medium gas detection systems.

    Different gas detectors for different gases (including oxygen gas detectors) can be connected to CM-80 control unit. Gas type, detection range, detector full scale, alarm thresholds and relays out puts configuration are programmable by operator. Programming details are protected by Password.

    All CM-80 series control panels are extremely well isolated, noise resistant and have n.8 analogue inputs for the connection of a maximum of n.8 gas transmitters 4-20mA.

    CM-80 control units have internal stabilized 13.75 Vdc 2.5A Power Supply and output for a 12V, 7.2 A/h back-up battery. A built-in protective circuit controls the battery efficiency, isolating it in case of under or over voltage.

    CM-80 can be supplied in “Open Frame” version or installed in a “Wall mounting metal cabinet” with Power Supply included, completely wired and programmed according to specific customers requests.

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